Color Corrections

Balayaged and balanced multiple zones of blonde to even them out. Added a rooty melt look with a deep root color and an icy gold tone.

Balayage and balanced multiple zones of color, then applied fashion color for this rosey gold look.

Color extraction of old red/brown color. Balayage with lightener. Pulp Riot blue/purple overlay.

Client had three zones of color: an inch or so of new growth, a lighter brown artificial color, and then a very dark brown artificial color. Did color extraction 3 times with lots of Olaplex. Balayage and tone.

Client had bleached out roots and ends with a large orange band in the mid strands. Roots and ends were lavender from over-toning. Did a color melt to deepen the base, balance the mid strand, and tone the ends. This color correction was done with three different color formulas, Olaplex, and NO BLEACH.

Foils (Highlights, lowlights, etc.)

Classic foil highlights, lowlights, etc.

Balayage, Ombre, Color Melt

Balayage Looks

Fashion Colors

Fashion color, pops of color, peekaboos, etc.

Updos and Formal Styling

Updos and Formal Styles



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